Spacebots Is Sold Out!

Daz 3D, award-winning artist Tory Bryant, and co-founder Ash Cooper Kerns bring you this unique collection of out-of-this-world beings available as a free mint on Coinbase NFT. In celebration of International NFT Day, Spacebots is opening its community to anyone who wants to own a one-of-a-kind piece of digital art. Whether you're new to NFTs or are a seasoned degen, the Spacebots are here to celebrate with you.

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Transcend your mortal being, earthlings!

The Spacebots have come to show all earthlings that today can be better than yesterday. When things feel difficult, Spacebots remind you there is a community waiting to help you rise above. The collection of 9,888 NFTs was designed with stunning details and uniqueness by Tory Bryant.

Coming to Earth on NFT Day

September 20 has been officially recognized as International NFT Day, and the Spacebots are here to celebrate with all of you. Whether you’re brand new to NFTs or a degen, Daz 3D and Tory Bryant want to make you a part of a community that values identity and self-expression by giving you a free, unique piece of art.

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Each Spacebot is unique, with stellar traits from mouths to brains, clothes to backgrounds, eyes to skin! As a free mint celebrating International NFT Day, Spacebots provides an exceptional opportunity for anyone to get involved in NFTs.

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Tafi/Daz3D Presents

Daz NFT Team Member - Jessica Rizzuto

Tory Bryant

Artist / Co-Founder

Daz NFT Team Member - Andy Muth

Ash Cooper Kerns

Creative Strategist / Co-Founder

Daz NFT Team Member - Andy Muth

Gabe Bryant


The Artist

Tory Bryant is a multi-award-winning artist and innovator with two decades of experience working in a wide range of mediums from FineArts, 3D printing, film, and design. Tory worked at LAIKA animation for 8 years as a 3D innovation lead and helped change the future of stop motion animation production. While working in the Nike Space Kitchen she created the Concept Air Jordan 3 RTNA sneaker in collaboration with Tinker Hatfield, displayed at Kew gardens as an art installation. Today she works at Daz 3D as their Vice President of Creative, continuing to thread stories into everything she works on.

Spacebots - Artist